Last week I had the pleasure of doing three things I love. 1. Road Trip 2. Photography 3. Hang with Family. About a month back, my brother Jaime Hellcat started talking about road tripping to Cali to pick up a custom guitar by the one and only Jason Burns from Blast Cult. Blast Cult makes some of the baddest hand-make guitars, basses and upright basses. Somewhere along the way, my dad got wind of this road trip and decided to join my brother. I yet, had no plans on going but as their trip neared, I noticed I had 4 or 5 days open in my calendar. Next thing you know, I’m moving a few things on the old calendar and joining in on the fun.

It had been a good while since I did any photography work in LA so decided I’d make the most of it and reach out to my friends at l.a. models. Brittany provided me a package of some girls that were available to shoot and I instantly fell in love with Bailey’s look. She has this killer vintage beauty about her. From her port and polaroids I knew she was exactly the type of face I was looking to shoot. Now to line up hair and makeup and a stylist. Luckily a casting I put up looking for makeup artist and hair stylist in LA got a lot of responses. Of all the makeup artist, Giovanna Paramo’s port stood out. I contacted her and we agreed to collaborate. Early I had reached out to my friend and celebrity hair stylist Pearson Knight who is living in LA but his calendar was full with the short notice. He then told me that our friend Amber Rose lived in LA and might be available. I was stoked seeing that Amber myself and good friend Dennis Clendennen had rocked a Christian Siriano photoshoot in New York a few years back. I contacted her to see if she was available and to my surprise, she was down to shoot all weekend.

For Bailey, we decided on two different looks since I was shooting both digital and film. One a very natural and boho feel and the other a glam 80’s look. Enjoy. Big thanks to Giovanna, Amber, Bailey and Brittany from l.a. models.

Photographer: Jay Marroquin | Makeup: Giovanna Paramo | Hair: Amber Rose | Model: Bailey