So it’s Day’s 4 and we’re still hanging here in Ruidoso, NM. It’s been a few chill days and allowed us to do some laundry and for me to get some much needed photo editing done. So you’ll also see a few new  blog post of some shoots I did in West Texas last month.

Mike the guy we’re staying with is funny as hell. He’s an old school cat. A total gear head, knows a ton about bikes and just way cool. Hell he just got a cell phone like 4 years ago. Most of the fun has been the hazing Craig and me receive from him about blogging, Facebook, etc… haha. Some memorable quotes are “I woke and I saw pretty snow flurries, let me put it on the blog”, “we just had a divine lunch”, “have you two heard yourselves, all you need is the lisp”, ahh…good times indeed.

Tomorrow we head out to Taos, New Mexico and will make a stop in Alberguerque for lunch. Maybe I can meet up with my friend QiaoQiao 🙂 Anyway, how about a little vid I shot at lunch today. Had to catch the snow flurries on vid you know!