So it’s about 9:07 AM here in lovely Moab, UT and it’s Cinco de Mayo!! Rode in yesterday from Taos, New Mexico and are planning to stay the day to find some stuff to get into. Well it was agreed that we were going to sleep in today seeing that I’m totally a night owl but Craig rises earlier than most roosters. So while enjoying breakfast a few minutes ago I hear him tell Cindy (his beautiful redhead wife) that he’s been awake since about 6:30 AM typing on his blog, I made the comment “I’ve been up since 6:30 AM listening to Craig type on his blog”, haha.  Anyway, I think Craig (who calls himself Tech Tard) has picked up blogging quite well. That after all was the goal. To have Guru (me) get him up and going with the best of the blogging nerds. This right about now reminds me of Mike who I met in Ruidoso. He would be having a blast right now hazing us about our blogging. Guess this is a good moment to reflect on the ride so far.

The funny and cool things that have happened so far…

– We’ve ridden 1450 miles since we departed Wimberley, TX which is outside of TX.

– Riding temperature has varied from 22 degrees in Ruidoso, NM to over 106 through the Chihuahuan Desert outside of Ft. Stockton in route to Carlsbad, NM.

– There is no explanation for the feeling one has when riding a motorcycle through all these National Forest/Parks and scenic places.

– There IS an explanation for the feeling one gets when opening up a Honda VFR with a power commander, Erion racing exhaust on a nice long straight in full tuck but we’re not going into details. Wait…you do know I used to race cars professionally? 🙂

– I am now doing TSA type pat downs of Craig at every fuel stop seeing that he left a credit card in Ft. Stockton, lost the Goldwing key in Ruidoso (luckily he had me stash away the spare on my bike) and almost left his wallet in Durango, CO. I’ll let you read about it on his blog

– Outside of Taos, NM we passed this Earthship home community. It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen with houses looking like they’re straight out of Mad Max or Road Warrior. Check out these links for some info and Google images –, About –, Google Images

– We crossed the Continental Divide of the Americas at an elevation of about 11,000 ft.

– I’m thoroughly enjoying Craig and myself being retards on camera, video then deciding what you guys (the reading audience) get to see. Of course I try to keep the cool rockstar photographer perception going on in my blog and then have Craig post all the behind the scenes stuff like me rocking blue camo PJ’s.

– Bugs REALLY like my face shield.

Back to the blog and more importantly, photos and videos!


Photo List – 

  • Crossing the Rio Grande Gorge outside of Taos, NM.
  • Entering Carson National Forest and what’s that? Snow!
  • Had to get a shot of the bikes with snow as a backdrop
  • View before we dropped back into the valley
  • Notice that little dot, well that’s a car down there.
  • Mountains as far as the eyes can see
  • Craig getting a shot for his blog as we’re rolling into Moab, UT
  • Perks of having an awesome photographer with you. “Yo Craig, I’m going to climb that, get a shot of me!” About 2.5 hours later and after like 2 senior citizen couples passed me up I made it to the top. Who said a chubby latin photographer dude couldn’t climb like a goat!?
  • The non-perks of having a good photographer friend taking your pics. He catches you falling down on film