Well, that’s where we find ourselves for the night. Left Missoula, MT early this morning and headed South. Originally the plan was to go to Montana and then hit up Yellowstone National Park on the way back. Well, there was one thing Mooty and myself forgot to check, the weather in Yellowstone. We figured Missoula was close enough so should be good to go based on that. Well think again, 22 and snowing the next few days in Yellowstone so Plan B….stay dry and head South out of the cold.

Today we notched 520 miles under our belt and managed to stay completely dry. The whole trip though we could see rain on either side of the mountains we were going between. The highlight of the day was for sure lunch and a killer Cinnamon Roll, hell everything was good. The place was called “Yesterday’s CALF-A” and located in Dell, Montana. Owners of a little fuel stop 90 miles back told us it was the preferred place for truckers and had received various awards, recognitions, etc… Well how can you go wrong when the restaurant is a old school house from 1903.

Anyway, after lunch we made a b line for Salt Lake City and here we are 🙂