Day 22 | 4141 Total Miles to Date | 9 States | Tomorrow it’ll be 2 Countries

Day 21 and 22 didn’t have us doing much shooting but more of getting with the traveling program. We made it all the way up the Oregon coastline and into Washington tonight. Here at Port Angeles and will take the ferry into Canada tomorrow. Canada eh? 🙂

Anyway, a few photos from the past two days and one thing that was cool was this little black sand beach in Oregon. It was a cold day but if you sunk your hands into the sand it was nice and warm and had a cool relaxing feel to it. Oh yeah, today we drove thru Olympic National Park and like all the other ones it totally rocked. Different as it’s a rain forest and you could tell as soon as you got nearby. The air was light, crisp and cool. We had lunch at a place called The Roosevelt Room which was a very nice looking place and used to host FDR, pretty cool 🙂


In the fall of 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Lake Quinault Lodge during a fact-finding trip and enjoyed lunch in the later-named Roosevelt Dining Room. Nine months later, Roosevelt signed a bill creating Olympic National Park.