Day 13 & 14 consisted of us getting to NorCal from Bakersfield. Day 13 had us stopping in Morro Bay which was a foggy little place on the Pacific with us waking on Day 14 to make our trek into San Francisco and then on over to Craig’s cousin Lena’s house in Fairfield a bit North of San Fran.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the best of writing moods as allergies are kicking my ass once again. I suggest hitting up Craig’s entry on for all the details and some excellent photos. I did snap a few shots along the way, wheezy and watery eyes weren’t going to stop me from doing that!

Photo List – 

  • A view of Golden Gate bridge and San Fran from the North
  • I love panning bus shots! No really 🙂
  • Arriving at Lena and Ron’s place, ahh home sweet home after a few days in hotels.
  • A welcomed sight
  • Home cooking!

Day 15’s blog will have a ton of pics from Napa Valley so stay tuned…