It’s Friday, April 15th and after a stint in West Texas I’ll be headed back home to Houston Monday night. I mean, how can I miss Easter with the family? Lubbock has been fun and visiting the family up here has been great. During my stay I’ve noticed how much Lubbock has changed since my real last visit. I also noticed there might be the need for a good photographer here since the market isn’t too saturated. I decided to advertise a bit and ended up booking a few sessions which isΒ  always good for business. I even had a photoshoot this morning which went very well. I initially didn’t have too much interest but this week has definitely been busier. Coming back to Lubbock for a few months before my world travels projects kick off is now being considered.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do is visit my good friend Craig who has a beautiful spread in Wimberley, TX. We became good friends and met in Houston. With a mutual interest for cars, motorcycles and photography, it was quite natural. I was racing when I first met Craig and he had a glass business. Not only that but Craig is an extremely talented photographer who I’ll always credit him with getting me to go “pro” with the photography. He loaned me his Nikon D1oo for a few months and I was hooked on photography again. Craig is the type of photographer who makes other photogs sick including me because he’s a natural. Everything he shoots just looks magical.

Well my bud is no longer living in Houston and recently commented on a photo I posted on Facebook of a Wienerschnitzels. We don’t have those in Houston but they’re a fast food chain were you can get some yummy corn dogs. Anyway, he commented that there was one a stone throw away from his place in Wimberley and said I should visit. I agreed that I had some time and would make it happen.

Well from that conversation I don’t know how it happened (actually I do know how it happend), but Craig has convinced me on doing some Motorcycle Adventure riding with him which means we’ll be leaving the Austin, TX area and headed West towards the Pacific, then North towards Canada. We’ll be on the road 3-4 weeks and I’ll be rocking my camera. Look forward to capturing some amazing images for my “Reflection and Dreams” book projects. I’m also going to be taking advantage of the opportunity to learn more from the master :).

Quoting Craig, how could I say no!? “This is the plan “Bike prep Monday through Weds April 25th – 27th. Leaving on the ride Thursday April 28th. Route = Head West through a bunch of the National Parks and through Death Valley until I hit the Pacific Ocean. Turn right and head up the Pacific coast highway. I’d like to reach Olympia National Park (weather permitting in the mountain passes…still a chance for snow this early in the season…I’m told…) Maybe through Seattle up to Vancouver BC…Then wandering back…whichever way the wind takes me! πŸ™‚ You in? The red VFR has brand new tires (28 mile on ’em) and a fresh oil change. Yours for the riding my friend!”