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Stories of Untold Love

A book project by Fashion Photographer Jay Marroquin, 'Stories of Untold Love', is a search and discovery about love and the human spirit.

Jay Marroquin is currently traveling to 30+ countries in search of amazing couples to photograph and interview, to answer one of life's eternal questions...what is love?

Known for being behind the lens at Fashion Weeks around the globe, Jay Marroquin's quest will take him from the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of Morocco to find 100 couples. The goal is to find couples who have been together for at least 30 years. Diverse couples from different races, religions and even sexual orientations will be featured.

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Encounters is a portrait book project in conjunction with one of the world's top publishing houses. 

Jay Marroquin is searching the globe for beautiful faces to photograph on analog film. The goal is to showcase faces in their raw, natural, beautiful and unedited form.

Previews from series here.

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