Jay Marroquin is an American-born, award-winning fashion photographer who celebrates the unique, creative and organic in photography. 

He has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion and luxury industry including AVEDA, Chloe Dao, Christian Siriano, Jean Paul Gaultier and Sofitel Luxury Hotels. 

His work has also appeared in top publications such as VOGUE, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, New York Magazine, and on networks such as ABC, CNN, Lifetime and FashionTV. 

Jay Marroquin specializes in Runway, Fashion, Portraits and Editorial photography and is available for Advertising Campaigns, Fashion Shows, Catalog Work, Lookbooks, Modeling Portfolios, Portraits, Lifestyle, Photojournalism Assignments and more.

Texas | New York | London | Paris | Milan | Asia

Member: Fashion Group International
Member: Fractured Atlas


Born to immigrant parents, Jay Marroquin has always had the courage to dream big. He realized that through hard work and dedication, dreams became reality.

He is a self-taught photographer who primarily shoots 35mm film & digital formats. He believes that a photograph should be creative, evoke emotion and stir the soul.

A result of thought, passion, respect for the craft and a celebration of time-honored photography methods. Simply said, a great photograph that has been captured, not created digitally. 

Prior to photography, Jay Marroquin competed in professional motorsports in various categories including karting, sports cars and Formula cars. The same competitive and adventurous spirit carries over into all photography projects undertaken by Jay Marroquin.


As of Jan 1, 2018, I am limiting fashion work to those that operate in a responsible and ethical manner. Companies which are not exploiting workers in 3rd world countries. Companies which practice sustainable fashion. Companies that recognize the negative impact of the "system". The system of micro-seasons which solely for pure profit, create so much unnecessary waste and misery for countless laborers.

- Jay Marroquin

Client List

Anilu Oms
A.Z Araujo
BELLA NTV7 | Malaysia
Brass Thread 
Carlos Vigil
Charming Charlie
Chloe Dao 
Christian Siriano
Conde Nast 
Elaine Turner
ELLE Vietnam (Phai Dep ELLE) 
Fashion TV
Fabiola Arias
Fashion Houston
Gemma Kahng 
Harper's Bazaar | Vietnam 
Hotel Icon
Inspire Magazine | Slovakia 
Irina Shabayeva 
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jose Cuervo 
La Mochi 
Nagacia | Indonesia
New Straits Times | Malaysia 
New York Magazine
Paola Hernandez
Proclamation Jewelry
Ricardo Seco
Sameera Faridi 
SHANY Cosmetics 
Sofitel Luxury Hotels
St. Nicola
Toni Whitaker
_VO Style+Living+Play | Mexico 
VOGUE Espana
VOGUE Italia
Wenna Prive
Whyte and Mackay Ltd
Yellow Magazine
Zapatero + Bucaram PR

Some live vicariously through him, others say he has gas running through his veins. 

His heart was even once stopped for 48 minutes.

Group Exhibitions

2008 - United States, Houston, Houston Methodist Hospital, “Personal Pathways".

2010 - United States, Houston, Artopia, Winter Street Studio, “Select Works" 

2010 - United States, Houston, War'hous Visual Studios, “Select Works" 

2011 - United States, Houston, Artopia, Winter Street Studio, “RAW" 

2011 - United States, Houston, War'hous Visual Studios, Houston “Sweaty.Sultry.Sandy” 

2012 - United States, Houston, Artopia, Winter Street Studio, “HATE!!" 

2012 - United States, Houston, East End Studio Gallery “Lucha X Vida”

2013 - United States, Houston, M2 Gallery “It’s a Fine Line” Collaboration with Tra Slaughter 

2013 - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Pelita Hati Gallery of Art “Select Works" 

2014 - Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Los Tajibos Hotel & Convention Center, “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day"

2015 - United States, Houston, G Gallery, "Brazarre Houston”

Solo Exhibitions | Permanent Installations

2009 - United States, Houston, Houston Methodist Hospital “Healing Arts” 

2010 - United States, Houston, Dean’s Montrose “RAW" 

2013 - United States, Houston, Hughes Hangar “Romance of the Photograph”


2011 - United States, Houston, Museum of Fine Arts | MFAH “Bill Cunningham New York” 

2013 - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, ntv7 Bella with Daphne Iking, “Romance of the Photograph" 

2013 - Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Pelita Hati Gallery of Art “Select Works" 

2016 - United States, Houston, Lawndale Art Center | CreativeMornings "Fantasy"

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